A Special Kind of Love


Sharon Daily and her son Aaron have headed west to Gaines, Wyoming for a new start.  Aaron has Asperger's Syndrome and is not easily accepted by others, including his own father, so Sharon is determined to make a happier life here than the one they left behind in Chicago.  She had not anticipated prejudiced attitudes shortly after meeting firefighter, Tanner West. His Native American heritage makes them a target.  After a dangerous fire breaks out that puts her son in jeopardy she realizes that her choice to move regardless of the obstacles was the right one.  

 This story, which imbues a mother's devotion and love for her son with their unique situation, reaches out to the reader. The step-by-step information begins to dominate, however, making one’s interest and focus start to sway while impatiently waiting for the love connection between Sharon and Tanner to really get going.  Tanner is a confident and sexy man who is hard to ignore.  His character gets attention as soon as he is introduced. His compassion clicks with Sharon and the sparks are not far behind. Their love scenes are fully engaging with the kind of love we all dream about. The emotion and drama is amplified towards the end which ultimately delivers a robust and most enjoyable story!

 Margaret Faria