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A woman in a man's profession is bound to cause unrest, but when Callie O'Rourke becomes Fairmount's first woman firefighter,  this proves to be an understatement. Being the victim of a fire years earlier pushes her to strive for a career in saving lives and stirs the press into a frenzy. Sergeant Danny Redmond isn't thrilled having a female join his crew, but her sparkling innocence forces him to believe she's an angel in disguise. Sparks are ignited at first glance, and despite their rocky start, Callie and Danny become friends. Being just pals, however, becomes difficult after a passionate kiss is shared. Callie takes Danny's breath away and helps him to wrestle the inner demons he's been struggling with  with since his father's passing. But can she save him in time before the flames of their love explode into a fiery inferno?

Horton's new romance novel is a sincere dedication to firefighters everywhere. In “Sparks” readers will indulge in a story that can make them shed a tear, experience bursts of excitement and feel their hearts swell with emotions that may be long buried. The author honors bravery and family, which are the two biggest components in this tale that emphasizes the understanding of love and camaraderie. The heroine brings great strength to the plot and our green-eyed hero, Danny will make women swoon. He's a complicated character, but is described in such fine detail that book lovers will almost envision him as a real-life hero.

 Jaime A. Geraldi