Southern Comfort (Hot Southern Nights #2)


Newland is a freelance writer, looking for the next story to jumpstart his career. Bitty is a Southern lady with a ghost story to tell. Natalie is her niece who refuses to believe in the ghost and is trying to send Newland back to Chicago where he belongs. Natalie is “almost engaged” to Gerald, but why is she so attracted to Newland? It breaks her heart when she thinks of him going home and never seeing him again. Why is Gerald so set on sending Bitty to a “home”? Natalie is trying her best to keep everyone in line, but her heart isn’t listening.


This is a stupendously written book with some of the most eccentric characters this reviewer has come across in ages! It opens with Bitty, who swears a ghost keeps turning on the stove and opening the refrigerator and adds Aubie, Natalie’s sixteen year-old brother, who is mayor of the quiet burg. There is also intrigue and mystery as to why the confederate soldier only appears one day a month. While the main characters are endearing, the secondary characters are flat with stilted dialogue. The particular one in mind is Gerald, Natalie’s fiancé. There are several plot twists so the reader is kept on their toes. Natalie’s once well-ordered dull life is thrown into chaos in this hilarious story of love, ghosts, and conspiracy. 


Belinda Wilson