Southerland's Dilemma


West Southerland is a lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Montgomery, Alabama. His boss approaches West to wine and dine Natha Sessoms to convince her to sell her farm — which sits on land West's father has been coveting for years. Insulted at the assignment, West is not interested in going through with it. He runs into Natha at an art event and falls for her immediately, he is torn between his assignment and his growing feelings for Natha. Natha has big plans to make her farm organic and has no interest in selling her property. She doesn't know what West has been asked to do. When she finds out what's going on it could jeopardize everything West now holds dear. 

“Southerland's Dilemma” is a swoon-worthy read! The romance is palpable and the attraction between Natha and West is almost instantaneous. The characters are strong and distinguished and the characterization is crystal clear. The story is told from two points of view, West’s and Natha's. The benefit to this point of view is that it helps give a full understanding of what's going on in the story. There is a tiny niggle at the end; Natha's reaction is a bit overdramatic and it could frustrate the reader, as she is unreasonable. The romance is hot and the story is well written. One will want to savor this lovely romance! 

Jessica Samuelsen