Sound Advice


NEW ADULT:  Emily Post writes travel articles for a Chicago magazine and plans a long weekend in Northern Michigan to visit her grandmother. Once there, Emily realizes that her grandmother is aging along with the house and both need care. She needs to stay on longer than planned to help the woman who practically raised her and her sister after their mother died.  While doing yard work one day a particular local catches her eye.  Jess is the town handyman and has a beautiful young daughter named Katie.  Katie is instantly drawn to Emily, but does not speak. Can Emily find a way to do what she needs to help her grandmother and win the hearts of a little girl and her daddy?

“Sound Advice” is a feel-good romance that hits readers on many levels. Small-town USA, which draws summer tourists to its lakeside community for festivals and local traditions, is charming. Emily has many hurdles to cross and manages them with grace. Jess, a single dad struggling to make ends meet and care for a daughter with PTSD, is touching and realistic and the protective nature of his character is attractive and refreshing.  When the bond between Katie and Emily is made, there is no going back and a new family unit is in the works. Readers will enjoy this charming contemporary and want to add this author to their favorites list.  Wonderful first book for Ms. Dunbar!  

Julie Caicco