Soul Scars (A Dog Haven Sanctuary Romance #2)


Lulah Wallis has been working hard towards a promotion at Dog Haven Sanctuary. She is also working at making her life everything she wants it to be.  Saving her money to buy the cabin she lives in will give her the security in her life she didn’t receive from her father - a major plus. Throw in a man to share her life with and that would be perfection.


Two tours in Afghanistan have left Vince Marr with a severe case of PTSD. The disorder has cost him his marriage, and access to his daughter. Terrifying flashbacks have caused him to retreat so as not to catch anyone in the cross fire of his disorder. He finds solace in his rescued pit-bull Caliope, and Lulah has convinced him that with her help he could train her as a service dog. Will they both be able to heal the scars they both carry, in order to find the love and security they both deserve?


“Soul Scars” is number two in the series but stands totally alone. PTSD is a horrible disorder, and Ms. Gibbs has written a gripping, intense tale that leaves one’s heart hurting for Vince, and the desire to wrap one's arms around him and never let go. Lulah has her own issues but is able to set them aside and help Vince. There is no insta-love in this story.  The love grows gradually after the friendship has blossomed, and is truly sigh worthy. Brava Ms. Gibbs, BRAVA!!!


Tonya Smalley