The Soul Mate Search

Morgan K.

Although she enjoys a successful career, love has eluded Nina for years until one day a mysterious fortuneteller tells her she has already met her soul mate.  Three times, in fact! However, she only has four chances remaining to recognize him and do something about it before she loses him for good. 


Her soul mate Tony, is also struggling with love - his latest attempt resulted in being kicked out of his own house, after discovering his girlfriend in bed with someone else. Tony is about ready to give up when a sudden meeting with Nina changes both their lives, but can they make the most of this chance or will time run out?


A sweet paranormal romance, Ms. Wyatt has created a truly romantic story where two people destined to be together run into one another numerous times over the years and simply don’t recognize one another until someone else intervenes and points it out. Both Nina and Tony are likeable with unusual but interesting friends. The conflicts are mostly centered between the main and side characters which allow the romance to flow. The meetings are suitable for any contemporary tale, but the soul mate element adds a bit more to the tale, giving the romance an extra boost so that the reader will have trouble putting the book down. An excellent read!


Sarah E. Bradley