Sophie’s Choice


When Lady Sophie Craigmore wakes up in a strange bed after an annual fundraiser in London, she again has proven her wild party side.  Lawyer Henry Woodville is her rescuer; the man who helped her when she was too intoxicated to leave his parents' party.  When Sophie decides that she needs to leave town for a few days to avoid her cheating boyfriend, she invites Henry to go along to her family home in the country. Although she truly believes hes a stick in the mud, she challenges him to a series of dares, and Henry, to her surprise, reciprocates.  Once they are completed they may end the holiday and return to their previous lives. Will their differences be too much or can they find common ground?


The tale of opposites attract are in full force here! The fact that they recognize it and still tolerate one another is fun for readers to see unfold. This is a sweet novella with characters that will stay with readers for some time.  The arc of the story is deftly written and the plot is fun and easy to follow. There are some editing errors along the way that interrupt the reading experience and there is a continual reference to Sophie and Henry fighting because they are opposites, however no real arguing ever takes place:  just the fun loving banter of two people getting to know one another. While the length keeps it from developing any real depth, this is a quick, fun and lighthearted read.


Julie Caicco