A Song for Another Day (Deerbourne Inn)


Gigi leaves her busy life in the Big Apple for a small rural town in Vermont. There is a new playhouse in town, and the grand opening is boasting a Town Revue of local talents. She has accepted the job to direct said community revue, while waiting to hear if she gets the part for the cast of Cats. Upon her arrival, its obvious that she is out of place and needs to relax her NYC dress and attitude to fit in better with the locals. She takes her job seriously, but does have a slight distraction from a local fella that she cannot shake. Jason plays nights at a local dinner spot and he’s quite the musician. Will her six week stint in this small town prove to be a success? Or will she compromise her heart and head down a different path altogether?

“A Song for Another Day” is a delightful read full of surprises. The connection between Jason and Gigi is superficial in the beginning, and then Ms. Imbalzano takes this book to a whole different level. There is small town living and family dynamics that create a relatable story for all to follow. There is, however, not a lot of meat on the bone of this tale, and readers may like a bit more of a struggle in the story between Jason and Gigi. It’s a fun loving tale of young love and how to make the best of some very adult decisions. This is well written and a fun quick read for cozy afternoon by the fire!

Viola Robins