Somewhere In Between (Turn it Up Book 7)


Bobbi has finally convinced her father to allow her an internship with his record label. She will go on tour as personal assistant to the hottest rock band they have currently signed. Bobbi is not yet 21, a female in a predominantly male role, and realizes she has much to prove. Working hard, learning the ropes, and not being star struck-in an obvious fashion should do the trick… until one moody, guitar-playing band member continually stares at her with need in his eyes. Josh, with his rock solid, tattoo covered body is known to be the band’s playboy. His bad boy image is one he’s earned and upheld well—until Bobbi. Now he cannot seem to look beyond her and has an innate desire to protect her. Bobbi is drawn to Josh, however, succumbing to those feelings would be certain career death.

“Somewhere In Between” calls for a double encore - if not more! Ms. Parker has another huge hit with book 7 in the series. The main characters are strong, independent, loyal, maybe a bit broken. The age difference portrayal is well done and shows readers how a very mature young woman can handle the real world. The protective nature of the alpha male is on target. The many symbols of a new love-filled relationship are crafted beautifully throughout the story. The family strife and its conclusion is added drama that readers will appreciate. The appearances of characters from this series continue to showcase loving couples that are truly dedicated. The Turn it Up series is sure to please readers who love music, rock bands, tattoos, and perfectly matched couples. “Somewhere In Between” showcases all the feels! Completely unputdownable!

Viola Robbins