Something Good


The thing with paying for past sins? You never really feel like you’re out of the red. Especially when you’re Mandi Evans. Her rap sheet of misdeeds is as long as Santa’s Naughty List, or at least it feels that way. So when hope comes knocking in the form of Lane Whitmore, she has trouble believing she deserves a love like his.

Lane is intrigued by this diamond in the rough and can tell she’s hiding more than her shapely figure beneath her too-baggy waitress uniform. But getting his proverbial foot in the door may prove more of a challenge than either of them is willing to rise to.

“Something Good” dares to tread barefoot across a hot bed of uncomfortable topics and comes out triumphant on the other side. Deluca does a particularly great job creating a McDreamy-worthy main male character whose patience and tenderness evoke sigh after I-wish-he-was-mine sigh - to the point that it’s hard not to bristle when the main female character pushes him away. The overall pacing could be faster, and those who are sensitive to “language” may feel a little warmth in the ears, but the message of self-forgiveness and looking at both sides of the coin are beautifully done. With surprising plot twists and unique character conflict, “Something Good” more than lives up to its name!

Sofia St. Angeles