Some Nights

J. L.

When Saona catches her husband cheating, it nearly sends her over the edge. After her sister, Sierra, talks her down from a raging panic attack, Saona, a wealthy, beautiful corporate executive, heads for the hotel bar. There she meets, and is initially cool to, Jax, the handsome bartender. What starts as a one-night stand becomes more than that, but both Saona and Jax are not sure exactly what they want from each other. As Saona’s divorce proceeds and her relationship with Jax builds, disparate expectations, prejudices and meddling family do their best to drive them apart. Can a lot of hot sex combined with slowly growing intimacy overcome the obstacles that they and the people around them throw in their path? 

“Some Nights” is full of sizzling hot, gritty, explicit sex scenes that will have even the lustiest readers fanning themselves to cool down.  Primarily a character-driven the story, "Some Nights" plot is minimal: betrayed wife falls for hot bartender who is a nice, hard-working guy. Ms. Lora does a good job of making her characters feel human, showing off both their strengths and vulnerabilities. Written in the first person, shifting between Saona and Jax’s points of view, the story does feel intimate; however, the grittiness of the language, especially the overuse of the f-word in most scenes, drags down the simple plot. The conflicts the plot raises are interesting and real, but readers will likely come away wishing they were more fully explored, rather than being resolved by sex. For fans of gritty, hot sex scenes unburdened by excessive drama, “Some Nights” will scratch those itches in very satisfying ways.

Marc Joseph