Some Days


Dahlia Wicker is a beat cop working nights in one of Baltimore’s more dangerous areas. Her long time partner and loyal friend, Matthew Hunter, is closer to family than coworker. They respond to a call which has them looking down gun barrels. Shots are fired and Dahlia lands in the local ER from a gunshot wound. She’s desperate to make sure someone knows how to tell her family. She has been caring for her younger brother, Teddy, and her mother. Teddy is developmentally delayed and does not deal well with trauma. Dahlia begs the on call doctor to please tread lightly with her family when delivering any news of her condition or demise. Dr. Weston Ellison is not going to allow the beauty in his care any more harm, as long as he is able… and she would be willing.

“Some Days” has every possible facet of a fantastic story included in this book. Ms. Lora has a unique writing style which creates a strong alpha hero and an even stronger heroine, which readers will immediately fall in love with. “I’m nothing like them. I don’t ever want to be.” When interracial and inter-social romance intersects, loyalty and love are tested. This theme carries throughout the book and is thoughtfully presented with all the feels. The subplots of a neighbor and husband constantly fighting, and a double murder mystery are creatively woven in between it all. Don’t forget the romance and a very affluent family’s drama that’s included as well. This well-rounded story has genuine, relatable content, which readers will gobble up.

Viola Robbins