Some Came Home...a story of returning


WAR/PTSD:  John Parker grew up with a great respect for his Uncle Archie. When John’s country called, he walked in the same boots - paratrooper boots. He survived, but came home a different man. The culture of tie-dyed shirts and love-ins was there to greet him. Those were the only people, aside from John’s family, who would accept a returning soldier from Vietnam with open arms. Finding his feet on US ground again after two years wasn’t easy, especially with the demons that rode home with him from the jungles of Southeast Asia. “Some Came Home” is one man’s story and it’s a blockbuster of truth and the long road to recovering a lost soul from the nightmares of PTSD.

There is enough meat in “Some Came Home” to sink literary teeth into so a reader will never hit bone. Page one grips like a steel clamp. Some authors can turn a phrase to create a picture, other authors, like Chuck Dean, create a portrait with the gift of brushing words onto a page so clearly it’s awe inspiring. This novel bleeds with eloquent truth. 

It’s a rare occasion where five stars isn’t enough. The honesty and depth here is simple and heart wrenching. Whether a reader has served themselves or a teenager wonders what their grandfather is thinking when he sometimes seems distant, this is a truth bullet everyone should read. There are lines in this novel that will not be forgotten. To paraphrase the author, love can be created with words, presented in a beautiful way to outwardly express ideas. Mission accomplished, Mr. Dean.

Natasza Waters