The Soft Whisper of Dreams (Marcombe Hall #2)


After an unfortunate ending to a relationship topped with the return of old nightmares, Maddie Browne decides to go visit her old friend Cayla and her husband Wes - just so she can relax and come to terms with her life. And then Alex, her friend’s brother-in-law, just released from prison, comes along and her task gets a bit more complicated. Not to mention that some old secrets are coming out making her question everything she ever knew about her past. 

Maddie and Alex work quite nicely as a couple. Alex is a good hero, one who made mistakes and learned from them and is willing to fight for what he wants. Maddie, while haunted by her nightmares, doesn’t give up when looking for the secrets that will just lead her into more danger. And then there are Wes and Cayla, an intriguing couple, and their story should prove worth reading. What makes the book difficult to truly enjoy is the melodrama that is always present. Not only is it unnecessary, but makes the plot twists feel contrived. In addition, the plot is fairly predictable, with the main twist foreshadowed strongly by Maddie’s nightmares. Nevertheless, it’s a compelling story of two people coming together despite everything that life throws at them!

Ana Smith