So I Married a Rockstar


After finding herself fired, Lauren Raines somehow manages to end up on the tour bus of the band Roadkill. She knows what rock stars are like: complete bad boys whose relationships with women generally last one night. Drax is the typical bad-boy rock star and Lauren isn’t going to get heavily involved. It’s just a bit of fun for both of them. Drax knows that they are two totally different people and even he’s not sure if they can be together. All he knows is that he can’t get her out of his mind and she makes him feel more than any other woman has done. 

Put together a very strong female and a sexy-as-sin rock star and you have the perfect recipe of lust, passion and a story filled with fireworks and heat! Marina Maddix has written a well-paced romance. Drax is a little stereotypical for a rock star; had there been something different about him it would have added to the story. Lauren is a likable character that is strong willed and determined. With hot under the collar sex scenes that are well written and descriptive, this is definitely a story that fans of rock star romances will enjoy. What’s also clear is that Marina Maddix has knowledge of the music business and has done her research which shines through in her writing.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick