Snowed Under


NEW ADULT:  As part of the Wunderland series, Snowed Underis an adventurous tale throwing complete opposites together in the wilds of Alaska in the midst of a fierce snowstorm. Cassidy, a college student/environmental activist, is sent up to Bear Ridge, Alaska to protest a logging company. Once she arrives at the teeny tiny airport, she discovers first that her friend will not be joining her on the protest, and then how badly under-dressed she is for the climate. Luckily for her, a Good Samaritan named Teague gives her a ride from the airport and happens to be heading to the same place, Whetman Logging Company. Sparks fly from the moment Cassidy enters his car, but she has a job to do and a hot mixture of geek and wilderness survivalist will not distract her from shutting down this conglomerate of forest butchery!  Desperate to stop the mill and save some trees, Cassidy makes a series of rash choices that put them both in danger -  set against the frozen landscape of an Alaskan snowstorm.

This novella was thoroughly enjoyable from the opening page to the closing sentence! The characters are well-developed and the plot moves from highs to lows effortlessly. The setting took on a life of its own; challenging the couple to save themselves and each other while forging a deep and steadfast bond in the matters of a few days. This is definitely the kind of read worth packing in the beach tote or adding to your wish list!   

Amy Willis