Snowed In For Christmas


Easton is a bachelor, so his sister signs him up for a reality show so he can find his one true love. Ivy is desperate for a promotion, and doing this interview gives her the shot at getting it. She’s not exactly thrilled as Easton hasn’t been the easiest person to work with, but she has to get this done to further her career. What neither of them expect is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere during one of the biggest snowstorms on record. Together, alone, and with nowhere to go, feelings start to jump around and neither of them are immune to the possibility of falling for the other. With a storm blowing outside, there is an entirely different storm brewing inside.

“Snowed In For Christmas” is the definition of a good, clean holiday romance. The plot and characters are perfect for snuggling under a blanket with on one of those winter nights while the wind is whistling. While they seem different, Easton and Ivy are both determined and don’t give the best first impression. As the story progresses, there are some surprising aspects that readers will definitely not expect. While the entire story may seem a little clichéd, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is an engaging read that does not disappoint! Kimberly Krey has written a charming and delightful romance with “Snowed in for Christmas”. It’s a fun story that should be added to your to-be-read list!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick