Snare (A Falling Stars Novel #3)


Sid is a regular entrepreneur and has had much success with her latest endeavor, Toy BoXXX TM. The only problem is with her boyfriend and partner, Paul. He’s cheating on her and she just wants the jerk out of her life. She’s looking at selling the business as a last resort to get out of the partnership. Xavier is the ex-drummer for a rock band and he has suffered major losses. He hasn’t found love since his divorce and doesn’t realize how that has affected his life. In a scheduling snafu, Sid and Xavier end up spending time in his lodge together and find they are made for one another.


Snare” is an intriguing story that brings two mismatched people together and makes it work. Sid is a feisty woman who knows her mind and is confident on the outside, insecure on the inside. Xavier is "what you see is what you get". He is a real character who is easy to read and easy to love. What ruins the story is the plethora of missing words that interrupt the flow of the story, as well as the number of curse words that are liberally sprinkled throughout the novel. Even though the chapters labeled who is speaking, it is still difficult to tell who is speaking because the characters voices are so much alike. An interesting story, with interesting material - it was fun getting to meet both Sid and Xavier.


Belinda Wilson