Sly “Bullhorn” Brodsky, Offensive Line (First & Ten Book 5)


Sly “Bullhorn” Brodsky, one of the NFL’s top offensive lineman and former playboy is finding out that reestablishing his reputation with his teammates and winning over the stunning Samantha Drake is going to require his A-game. Just as Sam and Bull’s relationship heats up and becomes exclusive, he finds himself subpoenaed as a character witness for his ex-fiancée Tiffany. As Sam struggles to trust Bull’s intentions with helping out his ex, she discovers that Tiffany has ulterior motives of her own; she wants a second chance. Will Bull be able to prove himself to Sam? Or will he lose in the game of love again? 


A football fanatics dream come true is brought to life within the pages of Ms. Joachim’s latest installment. While some readers may require cautioning given the male locker room humor and vulgarity, many will find that this lends a sense of genuineness to the storyline. However, one may feel that Bull and Sam’s story doesn’t receive enough attention given the numerous secondary characters that are revisited. Additionally, some may find themselves exasperated with the heroine’s indecisiveness as multiple break-up and make-ups are presented until a reader is granted their happily ever after. 

One can successfully view this fifth installment as a standalone, however given the complexities of a teammate relationship, one will wish for more knowledge and background within the supporting roles that were previously established. 

With carefully crafted game day scenes, readers are sure to feel as though they themselves are on the field!


Stephanie Lodes