Sleigh Bells Ring in Romance (Christmas in Romance, Book 1)


The Grundys and Milnes were great friends and spent a lot of time together. Now that Doris Grundy and Jess Milne are both widowed, what was once a great friendship has turned into a bitter feud. Everyone around them sees that Doris and Jess need each other, but the twist is finding a way to get them to see it. Doris’ grandson, Blayne, and Jess’ daughter, Janet, decide that Doris should be the one to take care of Jess while he is convalescing from knee surgery. Their plan? Janet agrees to care for Jess, but then insists she has pressing matters at home, leaving Doris to grudgingly take on the task. After a while, the two become friends again. Jess proposes to Doris, with devastating results, and it is back to her giving him the cold shoulder. Are these two destined to live by themselves forever?

“Sleigh Bells Ring”, a beautiful Christmas story, convinces the reader that anything can happen during this magical season. Blayne and his wife, though minor characters, are well developed and add much to the story. Jess is true to himself throughout the piece.  He has loved Doris since his beloved wife died, but finds he cannot convince her to release her deceased husband. Doris starts strong but is inconsistent in her emotions. The mundane day-to-day activities are repeated too often and become predictable, and the ending is abrupt. A unique second chance story about a couple in their golden years, “Sleigh Bells Ring” is a short, enjoyable read.

Belinda Wilson