Sleeping with Elvis


Although Pepper Langley has a fear of both flying and traveling on a boat she and her boyfriend, Derek, have scrimped and saved all year for their vacation to Florida, which includes a charter boat trip to Key Lime Island.  Pepper isn’t happy with the selfish and womanizing Derek and sees this trip as a last ditch attempt at improving their relationship.  Meanwhile on Key Lime Island, Elvis impersonator Ty Townsend is hiding out after the disaster of forgetting some of the King’s lyrics on stage.  As Ty and Pepper meet, will the magic of the beautiful island bring love and healing to them both? 

Elvis fans will be attracted to this book and may well feel that they’ve been to a show themselves by the end, as the author is obviously not short on knowledge of the star.  Readers may find themselves less enamored though, with the lack of depth to the characters, whose actions and reactions aren’t always credible and often fly in the face of basic common sense.  One very much feels as if one is looking on at them rather than experiencing the story through them.  There is a lack of a real grip on various details throughout the novel as they quickly bounce from one catastrophe to the next.  However, those looking for some sun, sand and a sexy hero might just want to take a trip to Key Lime Island. 

Heather Belleguelle