Slay the Demon

Laura Lee

Kimberly Wilson survives a school shooting and in the aftermath of her experience becomes a trauma counselor. When the unthinkable happens again at the local elementary school, Kimberly must call on all her emotional reserves and professional training to help those most affected. But when one little girl and her father start to become important to her, she must deal with the demons in her own past before they could ever become the family she imagines in her heart. But is this a battle she could ever win?


This book deals with the ripped-from-the-headlines topic of school shootings and the author does an admirable job with a very difficult subject. Maggie, the little girl caught in the crossfire, is adorable and her scenes with her father are very realistic as she tries to process what happened to her. Unfortunately, the book only touches the surface of the emotions and really needed to dig deeper to make this story stand out. Although there is a lack of depth, the author does provide a network of townspeople the reader will care about. The romance aspect feels forced and the dialogue is often stilted, but the author gives a ray of hope for the chance at love even while living through a dark time. All in all, many solid story elements are spot on, and with an experienced editor, this author will definitely be one to watch in the future.


Kate Campbell