A Sky Full of Stars (Second Chances Book 4)


Adelaide Townsend has just finished filming “Second Chances” but has no other projects in sight. Since she turned thirty, no one seems to have offers for the shapely, blonde actress. She has a dream though. Addy wants to start up her own production company. But she needs money and a script. During the wrap-up party Jo, the owner of the house where the last episode of “Second Chances” was filmed, is a writer, and she has a short story she feels is appropriate for filming. Now to get partial funding from her current boyfriend, Ryan, who is a director.  He does not take Addy’s project seriously, but promises her money for her folly. Nick, Jo’s brother, takes Addy and her project very seriously. Too bad Ryan is incredibly jealous of Nick and has the power to destroy Addy.

“A Sky Full of Stars” introduces the reader to some of the behind the scenes goings on which takes place in movies. The characters are very artsy and what one would expect to see in the film industry. They are all quirky but likable, and they prove they can “make do” in an emergency. The world building is awesome making one want to visit Nick and Jo’s home and explore the area surrounding it. Unfortunately, there is a lot of rehashing of information which makes the pacing of this story sluggish. Most of the story occurs in one house, yet little action occurs there. The ending, while sweet, is very clichéd. This novel is an interesting, informative read.

Belinda Wilson