Skin (McCullough Mountain #2)


“Skin”, a contemporary tale of a butterfly evolving from her cocoon.

Finnegan and Mallory couldn’t be more different. Finn is strong, handsome, and healthy. Mallory defines herself by the physical flaws in the mirror. She’s a victim of caustic comments directed at her obesity.  With a new start in a small town, Malory lands in Finn’s lap, and he grabs hold with both hands.

This modern-day fairytale gives hope in more than one way to those striving to live a healthier lifestyle. Malory is determined to lose weight and Finn helps her see she’s beautiful even though the metamorphosis is not complete. Ms. Michaels’ one-liners are witty, and the dialogue will make a reader laugh out loud. There’s no heart stopping action, just the determination of one down-to-earth young man earning the love and trust of one down-to-earth young woman, and their path to a happily ever after.

A reader may find Mallory’s deprecating view of herself infuriating, but that is the foundation of the story, the antagonist, if you will. A reader will cheer as Mallory learns to love herself along her journey to self-improvement with Finn’s reassurance and friendship. Ms. Michael’s has penned not only a restorative romance, but the pull of the lovable characters will have a reader dreaming they’ll get lost in the bushes and run into their own lumberjack.  What falls short with this novel?  ABSOLUTELY nothing!

Natasza Waters