Six Months


Mikala Jacobson has the perfect life, a darling little girl, and a husband who she adores. Then tragedy strikes and everything falls apart. When first, her daughter is killed in a devastating accident and then her husband self-destructs, Mikala is left struggling to find answers and a foundation to stand on. With good friends Rena and Jake at her side, Mikala might have a chance to rebuild, but with a broken spirit and with so many secrets coming to light about her marriage, Mikala will have to fight to come out still standing. Amidst the tragedy, a good friend offers to turn their friendship into something more, but Mikala will have to decide if it is worth it to love again, and if her bruised heart can possibly heal enough to really live again.

A tear-jerking, heart-wrenching novel, “Six Months” is part contemporary romance and part inspirational novel. Told in six-month increments, the story is fairly quickly paced but with real depth and emotion that not only radiates off the page wrapping the reader up in Mikala’s heartbreak but also sweeps the reader along in her journey to heal and grow. The romance is a solid one, built on a long-lasting friendship that evolves into more as the story moves on. While the plot and conflict are engrossing, there is an element of predictability to the story that keeps it from being original. Despite that, readers who want an inspirational tale that will move them, and still give them a passionate but happy ending, will find a winner in this read!

Sarah E Bradley