Sister Golden Hair (Illicit Rockers #1)

Juli Page

Rhett Davis has recently had a major life upheaval. Her husband passed away, she’s jobless and does not want to stay in her little Texas town. She needs a life makeover, and decides to pack it up and move to Dallas. While changing her whole persona, she finds an old t-shirt from her favorite band, Illicit, whose lead singer, Rhys James, has been her longtime crush. On her way home one day, she notices a man beside his broken-down car and he looks really familiar. No freaking way…it’s Rhys James. 


Rhys James Collinsworth has been the lead singer for the band Illicit for 25 years. He’s tired of the hot blonde things he has been dating and wants a real relationship. When he is rescued by Rhett, he realizes that things are looking up. Is it coincidence or fate that they happen to be living in the same building? A friendship blossoms, and then blooms into more. Will Rhett be able to handle his rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, his ex-wife and teen aged daughter?


Rhys and Rhett are a bit older than a lot of characters in rock stories, making this story unique. They deal with everyday problems, like ex-wives, teen-aged angst, and insecurities. The love is given time to grow, they don’t just jump into bed together…no insta-love here. The relationship between Rhett and her sister Mel only adds to the story.  After reading this book, one will find themselves singing the song “Sister Golden Hair”, reliving the tale and impatiently waiting for the next installment!


Lynne Bryant