Single By Saturday (The Weekday Brides #4)


Karen Jones agreed to play the part of happy wife to actor Michael Wolf on a purely platonic basis and for a specific period of time. Just as their marriage of convenience is coming to an end, she has to play to the most difficult audience yet. . .his family. 

When Michael's brother Zach makes an unannounced visit to greet the elusive wife his family has yet to meet, he is ill-prepared for the sexual chemistry that flares between his sister-in-law and himself. How will he manage to snuff out the wild sparks that threaten to ignite, when they pay an extended visit to the family?

This enjoyable addition to the Weekday Brides Series starts out quickly and hooks the reader from the first page.  Although "Single by Saturday" is the fourth installment, it can easily be read as a standalone.  It’s an excellent portrayal of the burden secrets place on friends and loved ones.  Add in the complication of the sexual chemistry between Karen and her brother-in-law, and you have a novel that is impossible to put down! The basis for the marriage agreement is understandable, and while the reader hopes the friendship endures, they root for love to blossom between Zach and Karen. The characters are likable and the plot flows smoothly. The use of secondary characters not only enriches the story but also plays an intricate part in the development. Filled with lasting friendships, strong family ties, and deep loyalty, it intermixes smoldering chemistry, passion, and steamy love, making it a thoroughly entertaining read that puts a smile on the face and music in the heart! 

Janna Shay