Single by Design (Love Hurts #2)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Sara is 100% done with men, and Travis has never had luck with the ladies. Sara has her hands full with raising her son, owning a business, and facing the ghosts of her past. Investing in another man is bound to end in disappointment. Travis is her brother’s best friend and an all-around good guy, but the only thing more painful than his injured ankle, might be his awkwardness talking to women. If only all women were like Sara. As Sara wrestles with her own past, can Travis help her embrace the future? Sometimes the best relationships are the ones you never see coming. 

A laugh out loud romp of a read, “Single by Design” is a humorous romance out to steal your heart. The entire novel is written in present tense, which can be awkward and off-putting for some readers. It is also written only from Sara’s point of view which is limiting as there is a certain satisfaction that comes from seeing both sides of the story. That being said, Sara is a hilarious and entertaining narrator. Some might feel she seems immature for her age, particularly with her inability to keep anything to herself, while others may find her relatable, especially concerning her single-mom status. That being said, she is also rather blind, almost purposefully so, when it comes to the hero and his blatant love and devotion to her. It is frustrating. There is more to the story than just Sara and Travis as well which sometimes doesn’t mesh with the overall story. In fact, it can be bit distracting. Overall, “Single By Design” is the good distraction romance.

Arec Rain