Simple Man


Shane Martin is the quintessential hard-partying, under-achieving musician - right down to the rundown trailer filled with friends drinking and playing video games every Friday night.  He is making up for years of raising his little sister Noel after their parents were killed in an accident when he was a teenager.  Now his baby sister is all grown up - running with the wrong crowd, of course, and barely speaking to Shane.  When she disappears after coming to Shane for help, his world crashes down.  He hits rock bottom and has to find a way to climb out of the numb, drunken cloud he is enveloped in.  When two very special people enter his life, will they be enough to open his heart again?  

"Simple Man" is written from Shane’s point of view and forces readers to see things in a broad perspective. There is love, loss, romance, hot sex, comedy and so much more. This story is very well done and so realistic. The cast of characters were each sharply defined  and support  the plot - adding to the complexity of the story. Shane’s romantic relationship morphs into a resilient love story that reflects true ups and downs of the real world. Hard-working, caring with a sense of humor is how Shane claws his way from the lowest points in his life.  Grab the tissue box - this book guarantees tears of loss and joy. Well done Ms. Michaels!  

Julie Caicco