Silver Linings (Ripple Effect Romance #2)


Drew Westfall is running from a past he is ashamed of: the cold cruelty of money. What he doesn't realize is that running away isn't the answer, especially when he ends up in  Bridger, Colorado. Thank goodness for the light of the Silver Linings assisted living center!  When Drew stumbles in for respite from the winter storm, Eden Toressi offers him a hot cup of tea and bowl of warm soup while the residents of the care center look on. Residents that, though retired, have Eden's best interests at heart. Eden, on the other hand, can't stop herself from helping when it is needed, even if it keeps her from her sick mother at home.


Kaylee Baldwin does an admirable job with introducing her primary characters in the first two chapters. She shows us what drives them and inferrs their individual story goals.  She builds real conflict into a classic lovers' triangle, pitting old friends as current rivals with the innocent Eden in the middle; not wanting to hurt either man, all the while jostling family demands with her dreams of the future. In spite of the need for tighter editing, Baldwin delivers an enjoyable, clean romance. Well done!


Shaunna Gonzales