Silver Bells (River's Sigh B&B Book 5)


Bryn Hale suffers from very low self-esteem and has sworn off relationships and marriage.  Her husband left her because she was unable to have children, and her family took her ex-husband’s side. Sean Carson wants someone to love; he's been separated for six months and wants nothing more than to find someone he can love who will love him back. When Bryn and Sean find themselves at River's Sigh B&B following a car accident, there is an immediate attraction between them. But everything goes wrong when Bryn finds out that Sean wants children. She thinks they should go their separate ways. With more twists thrown at them, will they give into their feelings?

A book filled with lots of gripping emotion, “Silver Bells” is a book to enjoy while curled up in front of the fire on a fall night. The main characters are well portrayed, and they've both been through so much. There will be a voice in the mind of the reader wishing for these characters to get their happy ever after. The plot moves at an even pace, which helps readers sink into the book and enjoy the story. One piece of advice is to have some tissues ready as there are some very tear-jerking moments that are very well written. This latest addition to Ev Bishop's “River's Sigh” series is fantastic and will certainly have readers heading back to bookstores for the previous books!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick