Silent Tears

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As the son of Roman Godfry, the head of the most powerful mafia family in the world, Braxton Godfry fears nothing.  That is, until his father announces his betrothal to long- time family ally Michael DeLuca’s daughter, Camellia.  He has loved her since they were children and now his memories come flooding back - especially the painful ones from when she disappeared and he was left heartbroken.   Out of respect and to avoid an all out war he must marry her.  Camellia has her own demons to face when secrets from her past, together with the secrets she currently harbors now threaten her life and the family she loves. She is also bound by duty and requires the kind of safety the Godfry’s can give. Down deep in her heart she knows she loves Braxton and prays that he still feels the same way about her.

 The reader is instantly struck with the magnitude of danger involved in the mafia world. There is a level of respect with a code of honor between families that commands attention. Braxton and Camellia are both worthy characters. Although on opposing sides much of the time the reader hopes for their happiness and peace.  It’s full of suspense that just builds and builds as the story gets more and more intricate. During the quiet moments the characters really show their heart and emotion.  There is a detail that adds a bit of confusion but still it is very thrilling and worth every bitten fingernail!


Margaret Faria