Show No Weakness

Joyce M.
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Taylor a young man who experienced abuse and neglect from his drunken father is trying to figure out life and make sense of all that has happened to him. His mother, Joely, truly desires to love, respect and take care of her son. Her job as a counselor for troubled teens helps her to see the pressures that Taylor may be facing, yet it sometimes pushes her into trying to protect him even more. 

While on the job she comes across police officer, Cole Dennison and is instantly attracted to him. Cole has completely shut down many areas of his life because of past hurts and failures but Joely is determined to get within his heart. As Cole and Taylor grow close, Cole becomes the father figure that Taylor never grew up with. Taylor wants to spend the summer with his dad, but Joely is against, it knowing his drinking problems. The choices are never clear when dealing with a son and a father, yet the consequences are lasting.

This book was very interesting, fast paced and enjoyable and before the story ends the reader will see a huge changes and growth in the characters as they all learn and Taylor’s father struggles to keep the love of his son. The only concern would be with some of the questionable actions made at times, such as when Joely left Taylor in the hospital overnight rather than staying with him. Even so, as the reader turns the pages, they will discover the characters walls of doubt, shame and fear come tumbling down, then be delighted with a nice surprise ending!

Darin Godby