Ship of Dreams (Dreams Come True Series Book 2)


Sparks fly when competing advertising executives end up on a cruise, each on a secret mission to gain insight for their sales pitch to Imperial Cruise Lines.  Winning this account means another rung of the ladder on the corporate climb for salacious Laura Armstrong, while saving the family farm is the agenda for southern gentleman Nathan Maxwell. Neither accounted for the instant attraction that flares. With a no-personal-questions, no-strings-attached fling, the only thing dwarfing their liaison is the size of the ship. When their true identities are revealed, can they remain friends and fulfill their own career goals or will they abandon a sinking ship? 


What a way to make a sizzling New-York-minute character introduction!  Laura and Nathan immediately pop off the page in this sizzling second installment for the Dreams Come True Series.  Unknowingly pitted against each other, both characters have emotional baggage which has shaped their lives and inner angst.  While well researched as it transports readers around the world, the story is occasionally bogged down with too many ports of call, which add visual enhancement but fail to move the story along.  Additionally, one may feel that some background on Ms. Armstrong’s constitution was missed. Nonetheless, kudos must be given to Ms. Heflin for setting up an intriguing romance that has readers rooting for a resounding “win” for the leads, not only in their careers but also in their personal lives.


Roberta Gordon