Shining Armor (The Will of the Unknown, #1)

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FANTASY  Nicholas is a dragon trained to study humans, but his attachment has gotten him into some trouble.  He lost his mate, and his objectivity,  then spent the next thousand year trying to figure out what went wrong.  When a human stumbles into his cave in North Texas, there are things about her that make Nicholas believe he can help her.  Not only that, perhaps he can put his own life back together.  Annie Bourland is a searcher.  She has spent her whole life doing it, now if only she could only define what she was searching for!    When she discovers the cave of a dragon named Nicholas, the connection she feels is so strong she wonders if it wasn't him she'd been looking for all along.  But when another dragon arrives, one with ties to Nicholas's past and revenge on his mind, Annie has to ask herself which is more important, a life with Nicholas...or without.

An interesting read, Shining Armor puts a new twist on the dragon paranormal genre. The world building is well done, and both the main and side the characters are multi-layered. On the other hand, it’s a slow read, and does a lot of building that bogs the story down. Regardless, lovers of dragon stories will like Annie as the knight in this tale, Nicholas, who keeps trying to figure out how to balance his feelings with the rules, as well as the quirky Zeb who hopefully will play an even bigger role in the sequel.


Sarah Bradley