She Likes it Rough


After a near-death experience results in being awarded millions by the court, Lisa Flyte has decided it’s time to change her life.  She wants to be brave and take charge, but a life time of being walked over hasn’t exactly prepared her for that. So when she spots adrenaline junkie and outdoor adventurer Jack Hawkins in her MBA class, she convinces him to use her as his tester for beginner adventure gear and maybe gain the backbone to stand on her own two feet. But it won’t be easy, with family and expectations in the way, both Lisa and Jack will have to do face their fears to succeed.


"She Likes It Rough" is chick-lit in full force, with the story primarily focused on the growth and romance between Lisa and Jack. Lisa is an average girl with good intentions, a messed up family, an awful ex, and a crush on the guy she wants to help make her brave. Jack is the perfect guy, son of rich business owners, and an entrepreneur in his own right.  His main problem is falling in love. When these two are thrown together hijinks ensue, as Lisa tries to help a struggling charity foundation and Jack tries to build his business. Unfortunately, their mutual awkwardness, and failings create problems long before they manage to bring out the good in one another, making this a bit of a roller-coaster read as the reader decides whether they actually want either of them to succeed or not.  *Language warning*


Sarah E Bradley