She’s Got Dibs

A. J.
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Tessa Adams is the CEO of TNT Entertainment, an event planning business.  When her flight home to Chicago from New York is delayed until morning,  she resigns herself to a long night in the airport.  David Issac Brenner, otherwise known as Dibs, is also in the same predicament.  Why not arrange a hotel and dinner together?  Tessa is leery but accepts. She is still recovering from a broken heart and just friends is all she’s looking for.  Dibs, however, has more on his mind.  He pursues her endlessly until she agrees  to see him again. She soon discovers he is a multi-millionaire and the head of the Brenner Foundation.  When she relents to dating him, his family make their life impossible.  She could lose all that she has worked for and wonders if love is truly worth it.

Tessa is an independent woman who is strong, sassy and confident in business.  After being jilted by her fiancé before the wedding without a hint of an explanation, she is now much less trusting with her heart.  She has lost faith in true love, which is a trait that many readers can identify with.  At times she is too guarded, and acts as though she has more to lose in love than Dibs does, which is a bit unfair.  Dibs is a classic, rich and handsome character. Somewhat overbearing at first, being a little too smooth, but when he shows his honest side he easily wins the readers heart.  The story starts rather average but really begins to delight with wit and deception as the many key players begin to thicken the plot. As the stakes get higher so does the temperature!


 Margaret Faria