She’s Going Home


Shes Going Homeopens with Angie driving home to Easton, a small coastal town in Rhode Island. Her life is in tatters without any direction, and all she knows is a safe berth exists at her aunts home. Theres no going back to her alcoholic ex-husband. Despite her pregnancy, she realizes she must carve out a new life in her old hometown. The only thing that would make it worse is a ticket. 


Nick didnt ever expect to see Angie again after she slammed out of his life ten years ago - and definitely didnt expect to pull her over in a red sports car. The pang he felt seeing her wasnt unexpected, though. He couldnt understand how his life spiraled out of control and the future theyd planned together abruptly disappeared.


Angies feisty Aunt Claire is determined to make sure Nick doesnt break her vulnerable nieces heart again. Angie and Nick engage in a cautious dance while declaring that they are no more than friends. Will secrets forged during their separation keep them apart? 


Shes Coming Homeis a sweet, predictable romance set in a cozy small town, full of likable, colorful characters. Nick and Angies fight against mutual attraction strikes a realistic note. Ms. Flynns characters are well rounded, complete with flaws, insecurities, and a belief that fresh chocolate chip cookies can cure almost anything. The story is a fresh, clean read with a great deal of heart. Its a tale that affirms happy endings can happen, even after miserable beginnings.


Morgan Stamm