Shayla’s Story


Readers will be saying, “OMG, yes,” to "Shayla’s Story": with lovable characters, a nasty antagonist, Greece, and a proposal that every girl dreams of!

Shayla Clemmins is a grounded woman with her life seemingly in order. Just one thing missing: heat. Her boyfriend is connected to the political arena and chillingly aloof. Their polar backgrounds are cause for second thoughts. Shayla takes her doubts with her to Greece for her infamous uncle’s wedding after a spur of the moment proposal by her barely-there boyfriend, and the disapproving eye of his mother. With the grandeur of azure Mediterranean waters comes John Mathews, a man whose warmth, strength and down-to-earth nature cause an undeniable tug on Shayla’s senses, and a wakeup call to her heart.


Sweet, wishful, wanting. Readers will bask in the tight descriptive scenes Beverly weaves. Character development is full-bodied. Shayla is solid even though her childhood shakes her confidence. The supporting characters add neat corners to this complete tale of ‘will she or won’t she, but she sure better if she knows what’s good for her’. The proposal by the hero in Beverly’s tale is what good romance is made of. An action scene is presented unexpectedly near the end of the novel to add excitement. There’s plenty of emotion and depth in Shayla’s character to make her a memorable heroine. The healing balm to Shayla’s past, the undeniable heat and heart of John, is unforgettable. A very worthy read, one that shouldn’t be missed!


Natasza Waters