Shaken (L.A. Nights #3)


Jessie Morales is a hard working news anchor in Los Angeles. When her boss wants to talk about a possible promotion and invites her to chat in the elevator on his way out, she hesitantly obliges. Her greatest fear is riding in elevators and has taken the stairs for many years, no matter how many flights she has to climb. The one time she chances an elevator ride a California earthquake hits and she is stranded. Her only call is to her estranged husband who is with the LAPD and knows her fear and will hopefully come to her rescue. This could be a fresh start and maybe a chance to mend their broken relationship, as long and their families don't interfere this time. And if their pride does not get in the way.


“Shaken” will grab the reader's attention from the very first page. There are many twists and subplots here and Ms. Fox executes and braids them together nicely. The characters are quite dynamic and will be attractive to readers. The storyline slows a bit midway through but with cultural differences and broken hearts to contend with readers will enjoy this California tale. The moral issues of undocumented families and conflict of interest is handled from two points and both are very real and delicate matters. It’s a quick read and may leave some wanting for more of the story. “Shaken” is listed as part of a series but very much stands alone. This series will most likely be a ‘must read’ for many!


Viola Robins