Seven Wings to Glory

Kathleen M.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Johnnie Kitchen is living the quintessential American dream. She has a wonderful husband, a chocolate Labrador Brother Dog, and three kids that are almost grown with independent lives of their own. She and her family live in the small town of Portion in North Texas. When Johnnie’s youngest son Cade is sent to Afghanistan Johnnie has a difficult time adjusting. She becomes even more concerned for his safety the less they hear from him. When Johnnie and her African-American friend Whit are accosted with racial slurs by a boy about Cade’s age she turns to her journalism to help her find the culprit. When a man named Roosevelt contacts Johnnie and offers to recount Portion’s less than stellar history she is intrigued and saddened by the reprehensible stories. Will Johnnie free her family from the past or will the past begin to haunt her dreams? 

“Seven Wings to Glory” is the sequel to “Johnnie Come Lately” but it can be read as a stand-alone book. Kathleen M. Rodgers has taken a plot that has been previously utilized and given it a thought-provoking twist. Ms. Rodgers’s characters are unique in and of themselves but mirror characters from other books in the same genre. Readers may find it difficult to differentiate her characters from the myriad of previously read characters. To be fair, “Seven Wings to Glory” is a well-crafted book that allows readers to experience the actions right along with the characters. 

 Mary-Nancy Smith