See Me (Secret Favors Book 1)



Trying to carry on her beloved mother’s legacy in a dilapidated bakery full of childhood memories, Kennedi Chase does not ever intend to let it go. Especially when casino developer Trenton Shaw decides that her property would be perfect to build his new parking garage for his latest casino in Washington D.C. Kennedi tries to beguile Trenton in order to soften his heart towards her situation, but her plan backfires when she starts falling for him. Her plan goes from bad to worse when Trenton starts implanting himself in other areas of her life, which could expose a secret she has worked very hard to hide. Despite her best judgment, she finds herself having a difficult time of maintaining the walls she has built to keep him out.

Readers will adore this modern love story about two unlikely people falling for each other despite their best efforts. Kennedi is a hard-working woman that one can identify with, as the struggles she goes through are so realistic. One can especially identify with her when it comes to her battling feelings of giving up on her dreams or fighting through the strife she goes through. The intensity that flows between Kennedi and Trenton from their very first meeting is absolutely electric, and keeps the plot moving at a wonderful pace.  Some conversations feel a bit stiff and awkward, but do not distract from the overall feel of the book. The author has created such memorable characters, and readers will find themselves impatiently waiting to see what she does with them next!

Jen Griffin