Seduced by the Screenwriter (Hollywood in Muskoka, Book 2)


Catrina Turner has left the Ontario Police Force’s Marine Division seeking the solitude and quiet life offered by isolated Lake Muskoka.  Though she barely admits it to herself, she is running from the past. Unfortunately, she can’t quite outrun the nightmares that haunt her sleep.  Chett de Groot, a Hollywood screenwriter whose career has taken a nosedive, holes up in an actress friend’s holiday house on the lake. He has to write a blockbuster screenplay to save his career. Neither Cat nor Chett has any interest in a relationship—especially since Cat comes as a package deal with a huge German shepherd and Chett is afraid of dogs. Attraction wins out, but will Cat’s inner traumas (and her big-ass dog) and Chett’s drive to get back on top in Hollywood keep them from going beyond a quick affair?

“Seduced by the Screenwriter” gives the reader a real taste of the frosty environs of wintertime Ontario with its snow, frozen lake and frigid weather.  Cat, a native, takes it in stride, but Chett, from Hollywood, really feels the chill. Cat and Chett’s characters are well developed, drawing the reader into their individual plights, while their campy banter keeps the story light and downright fun. Cat and Chett move a little too quickly from antagonism to play-pals and lovers. More tension would have given the plot a more natural feel, especially given each character’s initial reticence and deep-seated difficulties.  That said, Ms. Morgan keeps the plot moving with humorous situations and dialogue interspersed with exciting and poignant drama. A good read for a snowy afternoon.

Marc Joseph