Seduced by the Handyman - Cougars & Cubs, Book 2


Cate Matthews, 42 year old divorcée and college history professor, moves into a remodeled condo with plumbing issues that duct tape won't fix. Mitch Taylor, 27 year old ex-Army Ranger, engineering student, and handyman, arrives on her doorstep with tools at the ready. Mutual attraction in spite of the age gap quickly results in some serious pipes being laid! Will their clandestine dalliances become more than a hit it and quit it romp? Will their age difference and careers deprive them of happiness and true love? The two start out with no expectations but find they have plenty in common as they begin to wonder if they can move from lust to love.

“Seduced by the Handyman” is a lighthearted story of white-hot attraction incinerating obstacles on the pathway to love! Readers will be seduced by the fast-paced tale of passion between an older woman and a younger man filled with humor, overcoming insecurities, and steamy love scenes. The secondary characters don’t have a lot of input in the storyline; however their few interactions are nicely done. The world of academia is briefly described enough to give readers a small taste of a professor and student relationship. Readers will find both main characters relatable, likable, and seductive. Cate plumbs her feelings on returning to the dating world and trying to balance her new life with her career. Mitch examines his feelings for a woman he considers out of his league while trying to finagle his handyman hustle, his engineering education, and exciting career opportunities. Nancy Fraser’s leaky faucet leading to a handyman love affair is a HEA romantic tale worthy of a cougar’s growl.

Tonya Mathenia