Secrets Under the Sun: Last Chance Beach


Konstantine Petrakis, owner of the posh Ocean Pearl Resort, can’t figure out who is stealing all of the great marketing ideas for the place. Konstantine could lose more money if they don’t find the culprit soon. He decides, in order to find the person, he will take on a secret identity and become Dean Peters, ordinary hotel maintenance man. When Dean gets there, he meets the staff, including Assistant Manager, Eleni Griffin. As Dean tries to narrow down the suspects, he can’t help but think it’s Eleni. However, as Dean gets to know more about her, he realizes how great of a person she truly is and falls in love. Problem is, Eleni could also be selling company secrets to the competition, causing Dean to lose everything in the process.

“Secrets under the sun” is not only a wonderful contemporary romance story, but a sensational beach read! Dean and Eleni’s verbal banter is funny and lighthearted. The plot is intriguing and will have readers, along with the main protagonist, guessing who the offender really is. The story and the relationship between Eleni and Dean develop gradually never seeming forced or contrived. Even the place would be great to visit. Eleni, the bright cheerful heroine, can make even the grumpiest person smile including Konstantine. She is pretty admirable, and when she finds out the truth is still the same magnificent person she always is. Her family is amazing and awesome. Konstantine/Dean, the recluse, might have a hidden agenda but manages to admit his mistakes and becomes a much better person. Truly, a fantastic seaside story at any season!

Roslynn Ernst