Secret Storm

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“Don’t give up… please.  ‘Ask me again sometime.’  If he kept asking her, she might get the answer right someday.”

Timing is everything.   At least, it is in the case of Sara Jensen and Jack Wheeler.   Jack’s sights have been set on Sara for years.   His feelings are reciprocated; yet, an obstacle always prevents a relationship.  With patience and persistence, Sara will belong to him forever.   Jack will open his heart and reveal all his secrets when the timing is right.  In the meantime, he burns for her.
Sara’s disillusionment, after breaking up with her untrustworthy boyfriend, makes her leery to be with unattached Jack.  His availability comes into question when he can give his body, but, apparently not his whole heart.   Jack’s secret may tear them apart, and not in the way he fears.  His lack of trust damages their relationship to the point where it may not survive. 
Secret Storm is an arousing story featuring two very headstrong main characters that eagerly explore and delight in carnal liaisons.   Jack and Sara - while a young couple - have clear personal goals.  Readers may appreciate the way Sara honors her needs.  She’s willing to contemplate sacrifices while also weighing the risks.   Jack is the weakest character in this story, despite his sexy ways.   He repeatedly takes one step forward and two steps back.   The central conflict and characters’ incessant inner dialogue may become tiresome for some.   Overall, this story has enjoyable elements with plenty of sultry situations to satisfy steamy contemporary romance readers.  

Anna Fitzgerald