Secret Sister


Friends don’t let friends drive when they’ve gone off their depression meds cold turkey. At least that’s what Cathy should have told Roxanne - IF she’d known. As it was, Cathy ended up dead and Roxanne ended up with amnesia. 

Nick was furious! He’d lost his wife and the love of his life to a needy, self-absorbed, “best friend” that couldn’t even remember what she’d done. He ceased to function. Then Roxanne had the nerve to start showing up unexpectedly. She started dressing like Cathy, acting like Cathy, talking like Cathy. She was one sick puppy and he didn’t want anything to do with her, especially after Roxanne said she WAS Cathy.


Gamble’s writing makes this unusual story quick and fun—minus the graphic car crash. The emotion is strong throughout and creates the perfect wave flowing fast from beginning to end. The unique writing style is just as entertaining as the story. The steamy scenes leave enough to write a smiley face on the mirror and the mourning anguish is enough to make you stay in your jammies for the day while you finish the whole thing in one sitting. It’s an unexpected love story that hangs around in your well-that-was-different memories, and that’s what makes it so good.


Sofia St. Angeles