Secondhand Love


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Zoe is a college graduate of Journalism and has landed a job at New York Today. She has a lot to prove and has a great idea for a lifestyle story. Upon getting approval, her best friend and roommate wants to get in on the headlines. Her recent breakup from her college love has her emotions all over the map. When Zoe finds herself dating a new man, she wonders what love is all about. Her own family has numerous divorces and has not been the best barometer on love. Where it all lands is a mystery and a tumultuous ride for her and her roommate, Bella.

This love triangle has a modern twist on love during current times. When love is not so black and white and friends have stuffed feelings down for years, there is bound to be upheaval. The two best friend’s relationship plays out well, and then the dramas hits with a sledgehammer. Ms. Hoff has created a love square that makes for a great quick read. There is drama and twists and hearts are on the line. There is a bit of predictability and it plays out like a romantic comedy, however all that being said, it’s entertaining and covers many family layers that are true to life in the American ‘New’ traditional family. A fun and creative read, add this author to your go-to list for fun reads!

Viola Robins