Reviews - Contemporary

Home to Me

After returning home from years of living overseas, Lucy Caldwell believes she isn't cut out for love. A drunken declaration in a bar to her best friend that Lucy could live without sex for the rest of her life and never miss it, sets events into motion that lead her straight to the path of love. 

When Laurel loses her job in a Portland, Oregon art gallery, her parents convince her to go to much-smaller Eugene to help her great aunt, Maxie, move into assisted living. Since Maxie had been the only one to support Laurel’s artistic endeavors, she agrees. After she’s finished helping Maxie, she plans to head to San Francisco and its art scene.

Veterinarian Carolyn Becker is a pleaser, living what looks like a perfect life in her suburban hometown. She practically grew up with her fiancé and her parents love him. When she discovers he is cheating on her, though, she decides a major change is in order. Carolyn packs her bags and moves to St. Louis for a fresh start in the city.


Larkin James suffers an unspeakably horrible childhood, with an abusive, alcoholic father and a mother who blames her for his death. At eighteen, Larkin flees Georgia, intending never to return. But when news of her mother’s cancer reaches her, she knows she must do the right thing.

Clara is rapidly approaching the anniversary of her husband's death and her world is on the edge of collapse. Book Nirvana, the bookstore she started with her deceased husband, is on the brink of financial ruin. As the anniversary of her husband's death approaches, Clara feels like her world is imploding.